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Helping south-east Londoners to fight fat, be fitter and be healthier through personal fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

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Can’t find the time to exercise or eat well? Have other priorities got in the way? I’ve been there, too.

I’ve learned how to balance a busy London lifestyle with keeping fit, and I will help you find that balance.
— Stuart Morris, Personal Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Hello, I am a qualified master personal fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach, passionate about helping and motivating people to improve their health and fitness goals and the challenges of people from all walks of life. 

Having previously worked as a professional chef and restaurant consultant travelling the world for many years, I know from my own experience how difficult it can be to find the balance – and indeed the time – to exercise. I have personally had periods over the past 30 years when I have been committed to exercise, and other times when quite honestly other things seemed more important, or I was just too busy. I have lived life to the full and continue to do so while keeping fit and healthy – and you can too. I can help you get fit, lose fat and become healthier, Choosing me will ensure you are dealing with someone who can empathise, listen and work with you to achieve your goals.


  • European institute of fitness – Master personal trainer and coach
  • European institute of fitness – Master personal nutrition and lifestyle coach
  • Active IQ and REPS Level 3 personal Trainer
  • Active IQ and REPS Level 4 advanced personal trainer
  • Qualified in research & evidence-based practice, client centred coaching, advanced programming, lifestyle management and sport and performance goals

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