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Online personal training and nutrition coaching

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live”

Jim Rohn

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Having worked in hospitality for many years  I know only too well how difficult it can be to keep fit and healthy when you are working long and sometimes unsociable hours. Working out at home can be varied enjoyable and fun with your own personal fitness trainer guiding and motivating you to achieve your goals
— Stuart Morris, Personal Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Have you tried dozens of training routines and diets?

Not seeing or getting the results you deserve for the hard work you put in?

This can be incredibly frustrating and demotivating. I know and understand how that can feel: “I am 50 years old and have had periods in my life when I have not put my health and fitness first”

If you are continually trying to look and feel your best, and want to change your body, improve your health and actually enjoy it, then Its time to make sure your training and nutrition are geared towards your goals!

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Training and workouts 

The workouts in the F-Factor app are your workouts, no two plans are the same. I design each plan to deliver for you and your goals. I look at every aspect of your body, exercise history, ability and availability when creating your perfect plan. You will know exactly what to do every time you work out at home, in the office or at the gym, and exactly how to do it. 

You will no longer have to rely on luck or chance, no more wasted sessions. Your training is built for you and geared to the results you want 

If you purchasing a 12 week plan based on specific training equipment such as suspension trainers , the plan is still bespoke and designed for you I am just providing the equipment to kickstart this exciting journey

Nutrition coaching 

We should all eat healthy but sometimes we’re not sure how much to eat or what each meal should be made up of, especially when training. I will help you through coaching and sharing of meal plan ideas, and together we will investigate and seek to reverse the situations that lead to your poor nutrition choices. Rather than me telling you what you can and cannot eat, I prefer to help you make better choices for your long term health, not a quick fix. 


When will I hear from you? 

From the moment you sign up to THE F-FACTOR you will receive an email from me, this will direct you to your first questionnaire page once I receive it we will arrange your first skype consultation so we get to know each other and I can begin building your plan. 

How does the support work? 

After the initial plan design and communication, every week you have to submit feedback to me through your very own account on the app that you will have on your phone or tablet. This weekly feedback and support will ensure you stay on the path to success.  

Is it really my plan?

No two people are the same and neither are F-Factor plans. Both your training and nutrition are unique to you and your goals. Every aspect of the plan is carefully put together to ensure you have every possible resource to make amazing progress.  

How do you track my progress?

You can record pre-agreed daily and weekly tracking results on the app such as progress photos, blood pressure, weight measurements, even how many litres of water you consumed in one day. As well as weekly feedback there is a more comprehensive review every 4 weeks on Skype. This review allows me to see how you are progressing and what changes may need to be made to maximize your next 4 weeks. 

Do I need a gym? 

No, absolutely not, as it is a fully customised plan for you and what is available to you. Busy parents and professionals alike can't always fit a gym visit into the day, so working out at home or in the office is often the way to go. If you have access to a gym though that’s great too, as I will create a plan based on the gym you use and the equipment in it. 

Will I be training every day ?

You don't have to train every day to achieve amazing results. The plan will work around how much time you have. I will provide guidelines for optimum training frequency, but the plan will work to the schedule that your lifestyle allows.

Are there any other costs? 

If you are purchasing a package including a suspension trainer or resistance band I will provide them for you, or if you prefer you can purchase them locally. You may decide in the future to join a gym or purchase supplements to assist with your nutrition and fitness but you do not have to. 

When can I start? 

You will receive your plan within 3-5 working days from completing your initial questionnaire. This time allows me to work on your plan and ask you any additional questions and arrange for delivery of any equipment I am providing with an aim to start 7 working days after initial contact is made. 

How long does the online personal training last for?

I want fitness to be affordable. I don't want anyone to feel like being in great shape is a privilege of the wealthy. How long you use me is entirely up to you, your circumstances and requirements. So there are no minimum monthly terms for online personal training, though to truly benefit I suggest a commitment of 3 months to yourself.

After the first three months, I will continue to coach you for as long as you want. My clients come to enjoy having someone that they trust write their exercise and nutrition programs, so the vast majority stay on for a full year — with many of them sticking around for two or three years — or more.

Do you guarantee results?

I can't guarantee that you will commit to the plan: only you can do that. However I can guarantee to support you, and that if you do follow the advice and direction I provide, you will look and feel so much better than you do at the moment.

If after signing up to the 12-week package you decide that it is not for you after 30 days, I will refund the first instalment minus the cost of the equipment provided currently £40 and no future subscription will be required.

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