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F-Factor Fitness Packages

Select the right package to meet your fitness and health goals. All packages are available at my private fitness studio in South East London, so you will have access to a private space for your workouts and consultation sessions. For those people who want the discipline and support of having a personal fitness coach but can't get to the studio as much as they would like, then the combo packages offer you the support you need. I am also happy to discuss creating personal bespoke packages, so if the below isn't quite what you're looking for, drop me a line to get in touch.

The F-Factor Combos: in-studio and online coaching

For the busy Londoner with work and family commitments: a combination of personal training at the studio and online support. Perfect for people who want a full-time personal trainer, keeping them on track with exercise and nutrition coaching for the times they can’t get to meet in person.

Monthly subscription

1 × personal training session and
full online fitness and nutrition coaching programme    £119 per person

2 × personal training sessions and
full online fitness and nutrition coaching programme    £169 per person

12-week fat loss and body transformation, full online fitness nutrition coaching programme with home suspension trainer equipment provided, and 3 one-to-one in-studio sessions to keep you on track    £369 per person (or two payments of £189.50) 

The F-Factor Combos
from 119.00
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Accelerated 9-week fat loss package 2019

Getting married? Want to lose fat fast for a big event? Going on holiday? Then this is the plan for you.

Full fitness, health and nutrition coaching, welcome pack, recipe book, and online training and support.


  • 19 × One-to-one personal training sessions

  • 1 × Supermarket shopping tour 

  • Nutrition coaching and recipe support 

  • Online personal training workouts tailored to your needs 

  • Suspension trainer for home workouts

9-week accelerated fat loss package from £899 (two payments of £449.50)

Special offer: book your place before the end of February 17th 2019, save £100 and get the body you deserve for £799 (two payments of £399.50)

9-week fat loss programme
from 399.50
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The F-Factor Personal Training

Perfect if you want regular personal training sessions in a well-equipped private studio, no one session is the same.

12 × personal training sessions    £550

8 × personal training sessions    £400

12 × duo training sessions for couples/partners/best friends    £330 per person

8 × duo training sessions for couples/partners/best friends    £240 per person

The F-Factor Personal Training
from 400.00
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Online-only personal training

Monthly personal trainer online

Ideal if you are a regular gym or home fitness user wanting the benefit of a personal trainer creating bespoke monthly workouts to keep you motivated and interested £69 

12-week online kickstart suspension trainer package £239
incudes suspension trainer, bespoke workouts, online nutrition coaching and regular Skype consultations to keep you on track (or two payments of £124.50)

Online-only Personal Training
from 69.00
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