F-Factor Testimonials

Fantastic, thank you! So enjoyed the sessions - the encouragement was worthwhile... thanks for all the nutrition advice, too.
— Gwennan, 62 year-old nurse, October 2017

Really enjoyed the last few weeks sessions with you... very good interactive instructor who knows how to push you, and boy was I pushed hard!
— Mark, 53 year-old HGV driver, October 2017

Very enjoyable, interesting and was good to get each exercise demonstrated. Stuart got the starting weights spot on and the stretching was well adjusted to my comfort levels, especially with my arthritis in the hip.
— Pete, 61 year-old retired doctor, October 2017

Really good workouts which have really helped my confidence and fat loss 😊 ! Stuart really listened to my ideas and did not criticise my food choices, he simply addressed where I could consider alternatives whilst explaining how these could be better choices. He gave me several useful nutritional information which I would never have realised before. Thank you.
— Jen, 42 year-old HR Manager, November 2017

Great trainer - loved the boxing and never realised how good resistance training was for you. Love the fact he included correction exercises for my rounded shoulders and great tips on my food choices! Could not believe he took me to the supermarket to educate me on hidden sugars etc
— Ryan, 32 year-old graphic designer, November 2017

I’ve recently (early January 2018) signed up with a personal trainer, Stuart, at the F-Factor Fitness Studio, 8 Keynote Studios. The studio is perfect for complete exercise novices like me who are too intimidated to go to a larger, more crowded gym. Stuart is able to give me a personalised exercise program, and he motivates me when I might otherwise give up. My main reason for signing up was to improve my strength and although I’ve only been going for about 6 weeks, I already feel that I’ve made significant progress.
— Hal, 49 year-old designer, March 2018

I couldn’t recommend Stuart at The F-Factor more highly. He’s kind and thoughtful but works me to my limits. The nutritional information is also superb. I’m already seeing a difference and have booked in another month of sessions.
— Rowan, 36-year-old in IT, March 2018

I have never been a ‘gym man’ but the varied training Stuart delivers have changed my mind.
Stuart’s ffactor studio is perfect for some great one to one session and helps with your training programs and discipline. I can’t recommend it enough
— Andreas, 46-year-old CEO of a restaurant company, March 2018

I’ve recently started going to the F Factor and not only am I seeing increases in strength and endurance, I’m also having fun! Stuart is great at tailoring to individuals needs and as someone that is coming out of a period of chronic illness, a tailored approach is exactly what I needed. Can’t thank Stuart enough and I highly recommend you check the F factor out.
— Amit, 32-year-old recruitment specialist, May 2018

I would highly recommend Stuart as a personal trainer! He knows exactly how to motivate you and will spend time making sure he has established what your goals are and how you can go about achieving them. I really enjoyed training with him and felt so uplifted afterwards.
— Anna, 36-year-old retail manager,

Thank you Stuart. Feeling fitter already and happy at my progress.

You are a great coach - you push hard and encourage make me better than I thought I could ever be.

Can’t wait for our next session. X
— Dot, 53-year-old human resources director, July 2018

Perfect trainer for me. Am mid forties male carrying 5-10 kg and out of shape. Stuart has got me over halfway where I want to be in just 6 weeks - one session per week at his studio and the rest remote at home using his personalised app. Great results. Great value. Recommended.
— Jasper, 47-year-old managing director, July 2018

We are both in our sixties and decided to join a Gym to lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, so as to be fitter and healthier to enjoy the next phase of our lives. We were attracted to the personal element of the training and were not disappointed. Stuart was great at assessing our different fitness levels and needs and enthusiastically worked out fun and challenging mixed programs for us. His enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring we enjoy the sessions makes it easy to look forward to them, instilling discipline and motivation to continue. Ideas for delicious meals and nutrition tips have proved an added bonus.
— Stephen and Justine, finance director, June 2018

I started training with Stuart in February this year and haven’t looked back! Due to a telling off from my doctor I knew I had to make some serious life changes and when I came to Stuart he was great at helping me to establish what my goals were and how together with his support I would achieve them. Since then I have lost over 12 kg in weight and my blood pressure has dropped significantly. My energy levels feel great and I actually now enjoy the training.

To be blunt Stuart has helped me turn my life around, not only is he a nice guy but really knows his stuff and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who like me needs to get back in to shape, making health their focus for a longer and happier life!
— Simon, 50-year-old finance director and consultant, July 2018

Before and after

This client recently achieved 12kg weight loss in 12 weeks and began reversing high blood pressure and diabetes.

This client wanted to lose the belly and build some muscle and definition and is well on the way


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